Anime Reviewers

About Anime

In the West, anime is a term short for "animation" and is used to describe any type of animated works made in Japan. However, the Japanese definition of anime includes any kind of animation, even if it’s made outside of Japan. How is it that Japanese animation became so special and iconic that the rest of the world decided to distinguish it from others? The answer to that is hard to pin down and there might not be just one reason. Looking at history of anime may shed some light on what makes Japan’s animation different from the rest of the world.

Why Anime

Unique storytelling
Anime often tells stories that are different from what we typically see in Western media
Engaging characters
Anime often features characters with unique personalities, backstories, and character designs
Visual style
Anime has a distinct visual style that sets it apart from other forms of animation
International appeal
Anime has a broad appeal and is enjoyed by people worldwide
With the rise of streaming services and online distribution, anime has become more accessible than ever before